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Winter wheat Podolyanka

Offer type: salePublished: 16.12.2020
Price:9 000 UAH
Seller:Nosal'skaya Svetlana
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Address:Kyiv, Ukraine

The variety is characterized by high cushy, stem of medium thickness and strength, hollow, leaves are green, intermediate values, without pubescence and waxy coating, spike white, conical, of medium length and density. Spiked scales oval, venation well defined. Prong Kolosova scales short, obtuse. Shoulder straight, wide, keel obtuse, strongly pronounced. Caryopsis red, large, ovate, the groove is shallow, a tuft of medium size, pubescent. The mass of 1000 grains 43,8-45,7 g. Related to the strong wheat.

Biological features:
Grade passed the state test, entered in the register of plant varieties suitable for distribution in Ukraine since 2003. Area zoning - Steppe, forest-Steppe and Polesye of Ukraine. Economic and biological characteristics. The variety is mid. The vegetation period 273-284 days. Resistant to lodging 7,5-8,6 points. Above average frost resistance, drought resistance of 8,2-8,5 points. Average resistance to injury powdery mildew, brown rust and Fusarium. The yield at high soil fertility reaches a 48.3-59,8 October. The quality of the grain. Milling and baking properties are good: the protein content of 14.3-16.3 per cent; the content of wet gluten of 31.0-35.8 percent; flour strength and 396-480.and.; the volume of bread from 100 g of flour 1120-1210 ml; overall evaluation of 8.0-8.5 score

Yield and quality:
The variety must be grown by intensive technology with the introduction of optimal doses of mineral fertilizers. On high backgrounds of mineral nutrition to prevent lodging, must be paid retardants. To ensure high yields of grain necessary to carry out protection of plants from pests and diseases, especially after the ejection of the spike, fungicides type Falcon or folicur. With the aim of obtaining high quality grain necessary to hold a third feeding dry azotowego tuks or foliar feeding of urea N10-15 in the heading stage milk ripeness. The seeding rate is 4.5–5.5 million germinating grains per 1 ha, depending on the area moisture provide.