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Seeds of winter wheat Odessa Lear

Offer type: salePublished: 16.12.2020
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Seller:Nosal'skaya Svetlana
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Address:Kyiv, Ukraine

Wheat of intensive type universal use on different agricultural background. A variety of eritrospermum.

Biological peculiarities: the variety of eritrospermum. Refers to the average height of the group. Spike fusiform, length 9-10 cm, dense (23 segments on a 10cm rod). The ear and stalk white. Spikelet scales lantsetovidnye shape, good expression of the venation. Beard glume is straight, short (1,7-2,0 mm). Narrow shoulder, sloping. Keel well defined, extends to the base of the scales. Awns are of medium length, not exceed the length of the ear, divide to rough. The grain is red, large, ovoid. The groove is shallow. The shape of the Bush is semi-erect. Leaves length and width are of intermediate size, without hairs, green. Wax languishing usual.

Grade Lira of Odessa differs high parameters of grain quality of strong and superstrong wheat.

Resistance varieties Lira of Odessa to diseases and stress factors

Resistant to lodging, frost - increased winter hardiness, drought - resistance to heat high resistant to most common diseases. Resistance to diseases (in points): leaf rust - 3, stem rust - 5 powdery mildew - 5.

Resistance to lodging - high

Resistance to defeat powdery mildew - medium

Resistance to brown leaf rust - medium

Resistance to shattering of the grain - high

Features of technology of cultivation

One of the least demanding of the varieties to growing conditions. Recommended for bad predecessors and forced deviations from the optimal varieties sowing in the direction of early and late autumn.The strain shows high positive response to increasing mineral n supply (K = 10,4-13,6). High genetic potential of productivity combined with high ductility and resistance to biotic and abiotic stress factors.

Growing period, days - 282-285

Plant height, cm - 86 - 92

The content of wet gluten, % - 29,5-33,1

Flour strength as well.and. - 390-418

Resistance to lodging, points - 8-9

Resistance to shattering of grains, points - 8-9