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Seeds of winter wheat Wreath skirts

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Address:Kyiv, Ukraine

Entered in the Register of plant varieties of Ukraine in 2017.

For growing in Polissya, forest-steppe and steppe zones of Ukraine.

Biological signs. Korotkostebel, middle-ripening, growing season 280-287 days. Resistant to lodging. Winter hardiness is above average, drought tolerant. Resistant to suffer from mildew and brown leaf rust. Resistant to germination in the ear and shattering. Variety - erythrospermum.

The quality of the grain. Milling and baking your vitals are great. Grain varieties contain 14,5-15,5% protein, and 29.5-35.1% of wet gluten. Flour strength 320-452 E. A., bread volume from 100 g of flour 1100-1200 ml, the overall assessment of baking qualities of 8.5 points. Belongs to the strong wheat. With proper agricultural genetics varieties to provide high-quality grain.

Economic features.Grade high-yielding, intensive type.

In the competitive test of the Institute over the past three years average yield grade accounted for 97.6 kg/ha provided an increase of grain up to the national standard (variety is Unity) of 10.9 t/ha. Maximum yield of varieties made up of 104.0 t/ha (GSP IRG of the national Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, village glevakha Vasilkovsky district, Kyiv region).

Agrotechnical requirements. The variety must be grown by intensive technology, making optimal and high doses of mineral fertilizers. Specific to the mineral nutrition of varieties is the need of early spring feeding merzlotno the soil and fertilizing the poor soils in the fall (before or after sowing). With the aim of obtaining high quality grain necessary to provide the application of high doses of nitrogen fertilizers, including to hold a third feeding after discharge of the ear and spraying crops from pests and diseases, especially after the ejection of the ear.