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Seeds of winter wheat Bogdan

Offer type: salePublished: 16.12.2020
Price:9 000 UAH
Seller:Nosal'skaya Svetlana
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Address:Kyiv, Ukraine
Type of development – winter. Bush – poluprikolki, plants of medium height. Proporcii leaf has a moderate wax coating on Pino and weak antocianine the color of the ears. Loosely filled with straw with a moderate waxy bloom on upper internode and the weak edge of the convex surface of the upper node. The ear is white or straw-yellow in color, pyramid shape, long loose with a moderate waxy bloom and available teeth. Lower spicate scales: oval shape, the shoulder is straight, of medium width, tooth straight and very short pubescence of the inner and outer surfaces is weak. Weevil red color, medium in length and width, large. The tongue is of medium length, Celina the bottom floral scales – exists, ears, sharp

Plant height of 98-104 cm, hardiness of the variety in the conditions of freezing – above average in the field over the years, the test was 8.5-8.9. The stability of varieties to lodging 8,7-9,0 points, shattering – 8,3-8,9, drought – 8,4-8,7 points. Over the years of testing the variety is poorly amazed of major diseases and pests. Variety of intensive type.

The average yield for the years test in the Steppe zone – to 68.7 kg/ha in the forest-Steppe zone at 73.4 kg/ha in Polissya zone - 60,6 t/ha, with a guaranteed increase of 10.8-15.4 C/ha. the Mass of 1000 grains 44,6-48,8 g.

Middle-ripening, growing season – from 287 to 300 days. Milling and baking performance indicators grade good and excellent. The grain contains 4.4% protein, gluten-31,7%, IDK – 65 and.p. flour strength and 313-368.a. the volume of bread from 100 g of flour – 1050-1220 ml total baking score – 8,0-8,5 points. Strong wheat.

Recommended for viewquest in steppe, Forest-Steppe and Polesie.