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Freezstop self-regulating cable

Offer type: salePublished: 23.06.2020
Price:213 UAH
Company:SST Teplolyuks Ukraina
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Address:Ukraine, Kyiv
Self-regulating heating cable is multi-purpose for use in heating systems, domestic piping, as well as in de-icing systems
The warranty for self-regulating cable Freezstop 5 years, the service life of 20 years.
- Automatically adjusts the heat in response to the rise or fall of the ambient temperature;
- Freezstop is a self-regulating heating cable is multi-use. It is used in systems where it is necessary to ensure protection from freezing;
- This cable can be used for: heating water, tanks, sanitary fittings (taps, valves, etc.); protect from freezing all elements of roofing systems; ensure the capacity of piped drainage system in the cold season;
- Can be cut the desired length, accurately in accordance with the length of the heated zone, without change of characteristics;
- The outer sheath of the cable made of material resistant to ultraviolet radiation, rainfall, temperature extremes;
Can be supplied in the form of heating sections brand SSBE with installation and wires ready for connection;
- Full set of controls and accessories;
- Will not overheat or burnout, even when a self-intersection;
- Operating voltage ~220-240 V (on order of ~110-120 In).
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