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Surface grinding machine 3Л741 2020

Offer type: salePublished: 04.08.2020
Company:OOO 'Firma SIAT-LTD'
Seller:Direktor Vladimir Egorovich
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Address:Kremenchuk, Ukraine, Poltavs'ka Oblast'
We sell surface grinding machine with round table model 3Л741.
The machine is after capital repair and deep modernization of the electric part, installation of the CNC system.
Surface grinding machine 3Л741, equipped with a round table, and with the help of the periphery of the circle as accurately as possible to grind parts made from ferromagnetic materials. In the process the latter is a list of requirements of high order with respect to the accuracy, purity and, importantly, parallel surfaces.
Model 3Л741 with the same high quality allows for grinding conical surfaces having both flat, convex and concave shape.
Brief specifications:
A limit on the size of the installed blank, mm:
- height, mm 4 350..
- diameter, mm 50..660
- the maximum weight of installed billet, kg 300
- diameter of working table surface, mm 630
- the spindle rotation frequency, Rev/min 1460
- the limits of frequency of rotation of the table, Rev/min 8 - 32
- transverse motion of the bar, mm 430
vertical wheelhead travel, mm 415
- dimensions with attached equipment (LxWxH) mm 2860х2730х2660
The equipment is connected, we invite technicians to check.