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valve cap 334 Bosch Control Valve Cap

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valve cap 334 Bosch Control Valve Cap Sandy(JUN) China Lutong Parts Plant s whatsapp/tel:008618659458099 #valve cap 334 Bosch Control Valve Cap#

#valve cap 334# #Bosch Control Valve Cap# #valve cap 334 Bosch Control Valve Cap# We specialize in supplying diesel system oil pump pump heads, plungers, fuel outlet valves, secondary fuel pumps, injectors, injectors and common rail accessories, etc. We are providing quality services.


Whether you want to consult information, solve problems, or make suggestions for our services, you can contact us in many ways. We will do our best to serve you! Advantages and disadvantages of diesel vehicles In order to achieve the auto-ignition temperature of diesel, diesel engines need a higher compression ratio than gasoline engines. Therefore, the "power" of diesel engines is generally larger than that of gasoline engines. Generally speaking, all relevant parts have high structural strength and rigidity, so the diesel engine is relatively bulky and has large vibration and noise. Diesel vehicles are difficult to start when they are cold in winter. Diesel engine fuel injection pump and injector design requirements are high, so the production cost is higher, the same type, the same configuration of diesel vehicles is about 10,000 yuan higher than the price of gasoline vehicles.

However, diesel engines are increasingly popular in the market for their low fuel consumption, strong power, good durability and environmental friendliness. In addition, with the use of some advanced technologies, some diesel cars and SUVs have adopted a more advanced fuel injection system, which will be closer to the gasoline car in terms of noise control, so the owner should not worry too much about the noise of the diesel car, at least The noise of diesel engines is now acceptable, but in general it is better for gasoline. Compared with diesel vehicles and gasoline vehicles, the main features of diesel vehicles are that the low-speed torque is large and the whole vehicle starts more smoothly. Although the speed is good in the ramp and the power is abundant, the overtaking on the high speed seems to be somewhat "powerless". The biggest advantage of diesel vehicles is fuel economy. The biggest feature of gasoline vehicles is that the engine has good starting performance, low noise and better ride comfort than diesel. In addition, the high-speed performance is more stable, but the relative fuel consumption is higher than that of diesel vehicles.


#valve cap 334 Bosch Control Valve Cap#

#valve cap 334# #Bosch Control Valve Cap# #valve cap 334 Bosch Control Valve Cap#





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