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152200-1120 primer pump for diesel engine

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Address:China, Xiamen

DIESEL HAND Pump For Bosch 152200-1120 primer pump for diesel engine JUN Sandy

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# DIESEL HAND Pump For Bosch 152200-1120 primer pump for diesel engine # # DIESEL HAND Pump For Bosch # # primer pump for diesel engine #

# DIESEL HAND Pump For Bosch  primer pump for diesel engine #

Place of Origin:FuJian,China



Certification:ISO 9001

Car Model:Fuel Injection System

Engine Code:no

Type: injector

Car Make:Diesel Engine

Material:Speed-high steel


Quality:100% Professional Test

Application:Fuel Injection System Our Prodcts Series:

1.Ve Pump:(Fuel Injection Pump for Isuzu,Jmc,etc.)

2.Ve Pump Parts:(Feed Pump ,Cam Plate, Drive Shaft,Solenoid Valve,Roller Ring,Cross Cube,etc.)

3.Head Rotor:(Isuzu,Toyota,Mitsubishi,Iveco,Fiat,etc.)



6.Repair Kit(VE pump,Lucas,etc.)

7.Delivery Valve:(A,P type etc.)

8.Pencil Nozzle:(Ford,CAT,etc)

9.Common Rail Control Valve :(Bosch,Denso,Delphi)

10.Lucas Head Rotor.(DPA,DPS,DP200)

11.Diesel Fuel Injectors(Bosch,Denso,Delphi)

12.Nozzle Tester,Test Bench and other test equipment.

13.Other Components


Nozzle:S type,P type ,SD type,PD type,Marine type etc Plunger:A type, AD type, P type, PS type, PW type, MW type, Yanmar, Marine type etc Head Rotor:VE type,  LUCAS type etc Control Valve: Common rail injectorvalve BF15, 9308-621C,9308-622B,32F61-00062 etc Injector :P type ,S type ,Common rail etc  Cam plate Zexel, Denso etc Others Feed pump,hand pump, spacer, sensor, repair kits, relief valve etc China Lutong is one of most professional manufacturer for diesel engine parts. With the innovative upgrade of fuel injection   technology and continues to reduce emissions for non-road vehicle, China Lutong has become one of leader in the area of   diesel engine fuel system .We has built a solid reputation of  supplying quality products best services

·  Diesel injector nozzles are spring-loaded closed valves that spray fuel directly into the combustion chamber or precombustion chamber when the injector is opened. Injector nozzles are threaded or clamped into the cylinder head, one for each cylinder, and are replaceable as an assembly.

·  The tip of the injector nozzle has many holes to deliver an atomized spray of diesel fuel into the cylinder of the Engine. Parts of a diesel injector nozzle include:

·  Heat shield. This is the outer shell of the injector nozzle and may have external threads where it seals in the cylinder head.


·  Injector body. This is the inner part of the nozzle and contains the injector needle valve and spring, and threads into the outer heat shield.

·  Diesel injector needle valve. This precision machined valve and the tip of the needle seal against the injector body when it is closed. When the valve is open, diesel fuel is sprayed into the combustion chamber. This passage is controlled by a computer-controlled solenoid on diesel engines equipped with computer-controlled injection.

·  Injector pressure chamber. The pressure chamber is a machined cavity in the injector body around the tip of the injector needle. Injection pump pressure forces fuel into this chamber, forcing the needle valve open.

The electric solenoid attached to the injector nozzle is computer controlled and opens to allow fuel to flow into the injector pressure chamber.