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Straightening-cutting machine TJK GT8-14Q

Offer type: salePublished: 29.05.2021
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The representative of the manufacturer TJK Machinery offers high-tech equipment produced taking into account the latest global developments in the industry.

A manufacturer offers equipment for minimal factory prices.

All the equipment is certified according to international standards
quality: CE , TUV , ISO9001.

OOO Masih TJK is the largest manufacturer in the field of production of equipment for processing reinforcing steel and wire in China. TJK Machinery was founded in 1993 and is registered as a Corporation in 2002, and in 2012 it became a public company.

Based on our industrial experiences and professional teams of engineers, TJK is able to provide professional solution in the field of processing equipment for industrial needs of our customers.

TJK owns independent intellectual rights registered over 300 technical patents, it further reinforces TJK leading position in the industry of processing of rebar.

The company cooperates with leading manufacturers of the world in this area and uses advanced solutions in their equipment, while offering buyers an affordable price and great value of the parameters: price-quality-adaptability. The area of the modern plant is 270,000㎡, 1000 staff.

TJK has 90% market share in China, as well as all equipments passed the certification according to international quality standards: ISO9001, TUV and CE. Products are well sold in more than 70 countries around the world.

Straightening-cutting machine GT8-14Q quickly straightens and cuts: the maximum cutting speed 130 m/min.

1)straightening, cutting machine GT8-14Q quickly straightens and cuts: the maximum cutting speed 130 m/min,
2)Right-cutting machine GT8-14Q suitable for new steel class 3:performance of our straightening machine is a unique, suitable for cutting and straightening cold rolling steel rebar and a new class 3,
3)straightening, cutting machine GT8-14Q intelligently controls using the PLC. Operation, regulation and remote control are easy and reliable.

Technical data:
The source material Smooth or deformed rebar in the Bay (with low carbon content)
Production capacity
Φ8 – Φ14 [mm] (tensile strength ≤335Mpa)
Φ8 – Φ12 [mm] (tensile strength ≤400Mpa)
Max. the speed of the broach 130 [m/min] (AC control with variable frequency)
Cutting length 800 – 12,000 [mm]
The way of cutting - servo motor
A measure of length - manual
The linearity of straightening ≤2 [mm/m]
Tolerance of length cutting ≤±2 [mm]
Power 56.5 [Kw]
5,500 Weight [Kg]
Size 23 × 2.6 × 1.7 [m] (L×W×H)