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Coca Cola 250ml/Fanta Soft Drink 250ml/Mirinda Soft Drink 330ml

Offer type: sellPublished: 20.06.2019
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Address:Hungary, Budapest

We supply fanta,mirinda ,coca cola, coca cola light, coca cola zero, fanta, sprite and nestea in 0.33ml cans. we are wholesalers of coca cola can 330 ml and bottles. our prices are good and very affordable. we have available coca cola coke soft drink, canned fanta, and other energy drinks.
kindly reply for order ideas on moq 20' fcl, with english text or french and the language of the text that you need,
lead time 2 weeks, deposit + balance payment both only by t/t.

24 cans x 330ml per tray,
108 trays per pallet
approximate 2300 trays per 20'fcl
full truck: 22-25 pallets
full container 22": 25 pallets

all pepsi, diet pepsi, 7up, miranda orange, shani,mt.dew

varieties which can be mixed: coca cola, coke zero, coke light, coke light with lemon, coca cola lemon, sprite, sprite zero, spritea, fanta orange soda, fanta grape soda, schweppes cream soda etc.
please contact now for best prices and more details and please do not forget to leave an email so that we can send you details