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Austrian Red Bull Energy Drink 250Ml

Offer type: sellPublished: 20.06.2019
Price:6 EUR
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Address:Hungary, Budapest

We are legal exporters,Distributors or austia original Austrian red bull energy drink with our warehouse in Hungary.
All shipments come from Europe, Hungary.
specification: 250ml, 330ml,

country of origin: Austria

best quality and taste.

type: energy drink

Red Bull Energy Drinks Cans (Pack of 24)

Health Vitamin Energy Drink, bring you more nutrition and stronger.
Health ingredient and good taste with lower price for choose

Item Name: Red Bull Energy Drink
Specification: 250ml
Text on the can: English Language
24 cans in each tray
108 Trays in each pallet
Best Quality and Taste.
Shelf Life: 18 Months
Expiry date: Not less than 18 months

Packing: Full Truck: 33 Pallets (3,564 Cases ), 20ft Container: 26 Pallets
33 Pallets in 40 ft container 26 pallets per 20 ft container

OEM is acceptable, we could design as per your labels and languages.

We also supply Ice buckets, Ice coolers of all sorts, vendors machine, umbrella, tables,
chairs, Refrigerator, and so much more.

Our Prices are the best you can find in the market.

For any more information, please contact us with your email