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Wholesale warehouse, the goods second hand

Offer type: salePublished: 01.07.2018
Price:10 UAH
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Address:Ukraine, Zhytomyrs'ka Oblast', Zhytomyr
Anyone who has newstip to buy goods, second hand, best prices for yourself ! Wholesale warehouse offers to Your attention: - favorable conditions of cooperation, - low prices, - delivery of goods in Ukraine. For regular customers there are discounts. Wide assortimet of clothes from leading European countries - without any bulkheads or sort in Ukraine! Action: When you order from us the product, for each second order the price of goods is reduced by 1 UAH of the value of the goods. Advantage: Our product does not contain different stuff - tapes, magazines, rags, wet or rotten, clothes with holes! Honesty and integrity in working with us -guaranteed! Constant updating of the goods. By ordering product from us, You can be sure that no one ever naoborot. Anyone can come to our warehouse and to personally make sure of product availability. Its network of retail trade should not and do not do sorting. Offer: 1. The original nartovoi, England, Italy, Switzerland. Updating of goods in the warehouse several times a week. The product without waste. Full mix by season and by category. Best choice for trading due to the low cost and decent quality. All goods in bales 200 and 250 kg. Price: -16 UAH. per kg. - from 500 kg to 12 UAH. per kg. - from 1 ton – 10 UAH. per kg. The products are always in stock, the order is completed in the shortest possible time! 2. Original England, container collection, without garbage and dirty. Great product for the price and quality. Bale is 200 kg. Price: - 23 UAH per kg. - from 400 kg to 20 UAH per kg. from 600 kg-18 UAH per kg. 3. Cleaned the original season spring-summer, bales of 150 kg, for 35 UAH per kg. All goods are without holes and stains. 4. Nartovoi of the original. More detailed information You can get on the phone. Tel: (068) 031-57-71. Vadim.