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The long burning boilers Buran

Offer type: продамPublished: 02.08.2018
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Address:Kyiv, Ukraine
Works on the principle of top combustion : step-by-step burning burning only the upper part of loaded fuel burned falls to the bottom in the combustion chamber , the effect of corruption .
You should pay attention to the efficiency - 93 % at the maximum fuel loading and the combustion process the same efficiency .
Advantages of fuel burning from the top down :
- duration of burning on a single load of fuel resources
firewood - 30 hours
briquettes - up to 2 days
coal - to 5 days
Advantages :
- Nonvolatile , does not require electricity .
- Control by thermostat , but at desire it is possible to equip with a fan blowing .
- You save your time no need to go to the boiler room and control the combustion process .
-It is also not unimportant you using these heater save money how much economical fuel consumption.
Due to its cylindrical shape, few will take the place
- Possibility to install in parallel with gas boilers. Prices on the website of the green Era