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Machine metal lathe, screw - cutting lathe smart 410x1500 Austria

Offer type: salePublished: 29.06.2018
Price:499 520 UAH
Company:PST Ukraina
Seller:Litvinov Sergej Vladimirovich
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Address:Ukraine, Dnipropetrovska Oblast', Dnipropetrovsk


Max. turning length between centers mm 1500

Height center, mm 205

Diameter turning, mm

over removable bed 580

over the frame 410

over caliper 255

Width of the base, mm 250

Pass spindle, 52 mm

Cone spindle DIN 55029, D1-6

Range speed, rpm (16) 45 - 1800

Longitudinal feed, mm / Rev (17) 0,05 - 1,7

Cross feed, mm/ Rev (17) 0,025 - 0,85

Metric thread, mm (42) 0,2 - 14

Inch thread, thread/" (45) 2 - 72

Diameter of the movable sleeve, mm 50

The course of the quill, mm 120

Cone tailstock MK4

Power main motor, kW (S1 100%/ S6 40%) 3,0 / 4,5

Dimensions mm 2530 x 1000 x 1450

Weight, kg 1810

Features of CNC lathe cutting machine:

✓Removable bridge for machining of large diameter;

✓The execution of the bed inductive hardened grey cast iron;

✓Prismatic guides of high alloy steel, hardened and grinded;

✓Electromagnetic foot brake reduces downtime;

✓The tailstock can be adjusted by ± 5 mm, to provide a taper;

✓Hardened, polished gears and shafts, also in the gearbox;

✓Hardened and polished spindle runs in oil bath;

Additional equipment (not included in standard):

✓Rotating center cnfylfhnysq RS-MK4

High performance live center NCK-A MK 4

✓3 jaw Chuck PS3-250/D6

✓4 jaw Chuck DK12-250/D6

Rotating center with interchangeable tips SMA - MK 4

✓Rotating centering cone MK 4/125

6 position turret MK4

Keyless drill Chuck 1-16mm/ B16

✓Flange FL-200 / D6

Collet mount 5C

Set of 5C collets

✓Set c carbide cutters inserts, 20mm (5pcs)

Set of cutters c carbide inserts, 20mm (7pcs)

Paw machine NE160

✓Cone lathe fixture for Smart 410 / Vario