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Theodolite 2Т15К

Offer type: salePublished: 11.04.2019
Company:OOO 'KOEMZ'
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Address:Russian Federation, Moscow
Groups KOEMZ sells: Theodolite 2Т15К.
Optical theodolite 2Т5К designed to measure horizontal and vertical angles, which are in geodetic networks thickening. As he copes with theodolite surveys, measurements applied geodesy and definitions of azimuths. The engineers have provided this unit by the optical compensator, which is able to samoustraniajutsia. Thus, it will replace the level, when alidade vertically the location of the circle. It can be used as a level, which has a horizontal ray of sight. The image opposite. The temperature at which it is possible to use this device, ranges from – 35 to + 55 degrees Celsius.
The error, which is possible during the same admission, is not more than 5” when measuring angles horizontally and 6” when measuring the Zenith distance. Mounted on an optical theodolite 2Т5К telescope can zoom in 27 times, and has a range of sight from 2 to ∞ meters. The lens has an outer diameter of 46 mm.
Theodolite 2Т5К weighs about 4 kg, and stand 0.7 kg. At this weight the unit is very user friendly. If you need to use this device throughout the day, it will bring you great discomfort. It is compact, making carrying more comfortable. Included with the theodolite is convenient and practical case which will protect from moisture. If you need minimal focus, it is almost 1m. the Scale of the micrometer has a minimum value of 1” . The compensator operates in the range of at least -+4’.
At the moment the theodolite established a price not less than 35,000 rubles, which is not high for a device of this class. It is very high quality, accurate enough to apply it in various fields. The case of the presented device is made of high quality material. It is worth mentioning the build quality - it is at the highest level. Deciding to buy this device, you can be sure that with his help you will hold the necessary measurements with the least error, so this device can be safely recommended for purchase.
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