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Elektro and radio measuring devices for electricians, metrologists

Offer type: salePublished: 27.06.2018
Seller:Vitalij Grigor'evich
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Address:Ukraine, Kharkivs'ka Oblast', Kharkiv

The organization put measuring devices from a warehouse and under the order.

Microhmmeters X 5, 2.3 Miko, Miko 6, Miko 8, EP 331, Ф4104 M1.

Ohmmeters Coil, TC 1, TC 200 microhmmeters, CV 200, BSZ 3, Ф4104М1, AT 512.

Control device and measuring parameters transformers device coefficient, Coefficient 3, the device K540-3.

RLC measuring Protek, Aktakom, DER EE, Anbai at 2818, AT-826, AT 2817.

Voltamperometry VAF And 2 VFM, VFM is 3, Retometer.

Tachometers ATT 6000, АТТ6001, CV 120, phototachometer CV100 (up to 100 thousand rpm./min).

Megohmmeter E6 24, 24/2 E6, E6, 32, 31 E6, megometr M6, insulation testers.

Devices ground resistance IP 10, IP 20, Ф4103 M1, the tester of earth resistance, ASM 1.

Measuring the phase of the zero 200 IFN, IFN 300, EP 180M, Щ41160 and other.

OTDR cable IRK ABOUT alpha, time domain reflectometer Flight 105, cable OTDR 205 Flight, Flight 305, RD Master.

Locators SEARCH 310Д2М, SEARCH 410 Master, crossdepartmental 510 Master, Stalker 75-04.

Laboratory multimeters Picotest M3511A, М3500А.


Regulators for arc suppression reactors RESDOM MIRK 4.2, 4.5 MIRK, MIRK 5, RKM 101.


Equipment for cable plants:

Termometri Kishi, E6 13M, ТОММ1, microhmmeters special keys, ΜΩ, Terramar TM 1, TM 10.


Equipment for metrologists:

Measure resistance of MS 3050, MS-3061,MS 3080, R3026/1, R3026/2, RCB 3.

Measures for calibration of pulse oximeters WEI,-2 and WEI, 3, generator Diatest 4, generator Diatest. Device calibration channels pressure , UPKD 3.

Calibrator КМ300 CST.


Locators SEARCH 310Д2М, Stalker 75 02 the seeker Stalker 75 04, locator for power SEARCH 410 Д2М, Ridgid SR-20, Ridgid SR-60.


Special devices for services “W” Railways.

Cable device IRK ABOUT alpha, multimeter B7 63, device IVP of ALSN, IU, ITRC 25/50, the device check the coils SP LK and others.



Control devices high voltage switch, relay protection and automation systems.

Vibrograph VG K.

System Nikta.

Control devices of high-voltage switches PME 500 TR (Spain), PKV/M7, M6 PKV Tester oil circuit breakers TMV 2. Remote POW 10.

Specialized microhmmeters with large current for switches mω 2 Megger, ТС200 and CV 200 c current up to 200 A, ohmmeters Round, Miko 7, 8 MIKO, MIKO 2.3. ATWRM 25, micro ohmmeter, Milli ommetr small X 5.

Laboratory and portable microhmmeters X 5, TS-3, TS.

Testers and insulation testers: M6-4, M6-5, E6 24, E6 32 and other.

The testers relay 21 RET, RET 61, PTE 100 C PRO, Mentor 12, the testing facility of RTS-A.

Devices and installations for verification circuit breakers UPA 10P, RT 2048-12, Raptor.