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Sell folders for menu covers menu folders with the files.

Offer type: salePublished: 26.06.2018
Price:110 UAH
Seller:Papkova Mariya
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Address:Ukraine, Kyiv

The restaurant's menu is an important tool for the restaurateur. The menu is the true face of Your institution. The visitors of the restaurants and cafes do not see the kitchen, but they see the menu, which should display all salt your institution. It is therefore important to select to make the menu. From the moment when the waiter brings the menu folder visitors will experience a rush of endorphins, waiting for a miracle and beautiful. And most importantly, to face Your institution have a decent and presentable . No fading, crumpled files that are overwritten prices, remember, menu - it is the honor and dignity of Your institution.

How to start menu? With sostavlennogo correctly and clearly a structured list of dishes. In addition, you should pay special attention to the names of the dishes - they should be creative and memorable. Must be weight and cost. After this stage, we go to somosomo interesting point is the menu design. Given the possibilities of modern progress, the menu may be printed and gold foil, therefore, should be carefully elaborated menu. It should to be not only beautiful, but also convenient for visitors and staff. The main thing to choose a cover that will be in harmony and to accentuate the overall style of Your restaurant

If You want to order menu folder, You'll make the right choice! So menus easy to store pleased to serve the customers and easy to care for it. Worth considering the wear resistance and service life of important factor in the selection menu. Time service menu depends on the choice of binding material, covers for menu are divided:

  • folder from vinyl papers (also found the name of Jean-Louis Scherrer),
  • folder PU leather case,
  • folder textile,
  • folder printing,
  • folder made of genuine leather.

After skinning, we select the mechanism of attachment of the leaves:

  • menu on the through bolts,
  • menu under the gum,
  • menu on the bar and bolts
  • menu on the rings,
  • menu on the ring mechanism.

Mounting plates dependent on the content of Your menu. For example, if this menu is for karaoke, usually it contains a large number of sheets and the ring mechanism celenia sheets.

After the selection of the main criteria folder for the menu, the decor remains cover. The menu design depends on the overall style of the institution and signature symbols. There are no benchmarks and standards, but there are generally accepted standards design - logo and main Menus.