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Brake TKG 160,200,400,300

Offer type: salePublished: 26.06.2018
Price:800 UAH
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Reducer, Winches, Engines

Brake and Parts TAG 160,200,400,300

Spring pads TKG TKG 100 - 50 UAH,

ткг160 - 200grn

ткг200 - 250uah

ткг300 - 300grn

ткг400 - 350grn

Pads tag

pad ткг160 -300grn.

pad ткг200 -400uah.

pad ткг300 -800 UAH.

pad ткг400 -1400grn.

, Stand...

brake ткт100-3pcs. -700.

мо100 - 1100grn.

мо200 - 2400грн.

мп201 - 3000.

мп301 - 4000grn.

ткт200-5pcs. -1500grn.

ткт300-10pcs. -2500grn.

ткг160-10pcs. -1100grn.

ткг200-10pcs. -1500grn.

ткг300-10pcs. -2700грн.

ткг400-2pcs. - 4000grn.


hydrotalcite te-16-1600grn.

hydrotalcite te-25 -1700грн.

hydrotalcite te-30 -1800grn.

hydrotalcite te-50-1900грн.

hydrotalcite te-80-2000uah.

тгм25 -1500


the cover to hydrotalcites 150grn.

transformer oil 50UAH

seals 25 UAH, cuffs to the pushers

the tape brake 100.m\n EM1 thickness 6,8,9,10 mm width 60,80,100,120,130,150,160 mm

Peredo, Thickness 6mm, width 60 mm 350grn. m\n

80,100,120,140,155 mm 8mm.


097-707-98-98 Andrew, Dnepropetrovsk