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:Atka for sunflower harvesting NARDI SFR-R 8000 new

Offer type: salePublished: 26.06.2018
Price:23 417 UAH
Company:OOO 'Miamaks-Import'
Seller:Tsyiplenkov Yurij
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Address:Ukraine, Khmel'nyts'ka Oblast', Khmel'nyts'kyy

The company Miamax-Import offers direct supply of reapers for sunflower harvesting Nardi series SUNSTORM ROWS at factory prices.


  • dual transmission
  • instead of chains and rubber blocks
  • the cut system consists of two discs
  • loss with this header to 1 %,
  • undergo special anti-corrosion treatment, and then the header paint scratch resistant paint
  • adaptation to any processor
  • high speed cleaning

The vast majority of the existing market sunflower rjadkovyh harvesters are machines with radcowie mechanisms (Dominoni, Daniel Oros), consisting of one circuit, where the sunflower is pushed inside just metal teeth of the chain (such as corn) and the end is cut a toothed mechanism, equipped with 3 triangular sections of the knife which rotates in depth ordinal mechanism, cutting in some manner the stems of the plants that fall on the auger. In some way the system operates, but losses during harvesting remain serious...

Row header Nardi Sunstorm has row movement with 2 chains, like circuit corn harvesters, but instead of teeth of each chain is covered with a wavy rubber tapes /rubber blocks.

Every plant that stepping into the aisle, is firmly captured between the strips of rubber that transporterowych it to the auger. The cut system consists of two disks located at the beginning of the ordinal mechanism, but not in depth, which effect the scissors cutting away all that is included.

Row header Sunstorm thanks to these features is the car that can be considered ALL CROP that has been used to harvest sorghum and sesame.