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Freezer gel camera BU, 200-1000L, Germany. Up to 12 months.guarantee in Energodar!

Offer type: salePublished: 24.06.2018
Price:15 800 UAH
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Address:Ukraine, Zaporiz'ka Oblast', Energodar

Freezer gel - bonnets used, glass sliding lids, large and small volume. Popular Austrian brand ANT.

For storage of products, good frost with the following:
- 210*83*80(height), 829л direct glass 390€ import from aluminum reliable vaporizer (warranty 12 months). or 7000грн b/y from Ukraine.
- 175*83*80(height), 672л direct glass to 350€ import from aluminum reliable vaporizer (warranty 12 months). or 6500grn b/y from Ukraine.

For the presentation of goods in the store, bent glass
210*85*83, 900l bent glass, 2008-2012 - 490€
207*98*91, 1150л end 450€
210*98*91, 1177л wall 470€

Also, there are gel 200-500L 4000-5500грн. Refrigerated cabinets b/single-door two - (4000-5500грн) or coupe (6000-11000грн).
New refrigeration equipment - anyone from Juka, Crystal, Polair.