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Insulated suit camouflage Cartoons

Offer type: salePublished: 24.06.2018
Price:1 800 UAH
Seller:Menedzher Irina
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Insulated suit camouflage Cartoons
Sizes 44-62
Winter suit "Cartoons" is a warm winter jacket Park, and insulated pants.

4 direct patch pockets at front
Slant pockets on the sleeves.
Detachable hood and cinched with a drawstring.
Velcro chevrons and insignia on the chest, sleeves and back.
Stand collar protects against strong wind
The mount for the shoulder strap on the chest.
In the area of the brush sleeve is tightened with Velcro.
The jacket fastens with a secure zipper and Velcro on the front placket.
Inside at waist and bottom adjustable drawstring

Pants casual, wintry insulated fleece.
Bestiality slips and two interior pockets.
The waist is adjustable with belt (size harnesses 2.3 cm by 8 cm, which allows you to wear almost all belts)/
At the bottom of the pant leg is pulled drawstring.
Cartoons is a versatile and popular colors camouflage pattern, which was developed in the United States. Was first presented in 2002 to replace the desert and woodland Camos. Its development took more than 8 years. however, in the competition for new camouflage for the U.S. Army, cartoons ACUPAT lost, but dearly loved by the military and hobbyists.

Since 2010, officially used by the United States for all operations in Afghanistan. In this country a very diverse landscape, and cartoons perfectly coped with the task of masking, because it uses the ability of the human eye and brain perceive shape, volume, and color.

Cartoons without black spots, as most of the other colors - this color not found in nature and the eye can "catch".

The color has a wide color spectrum, which goes from one color to another and gives a variety of shades. At large distances these shades merge into larger spots, and at close - in small round. One sees precisely the color that matches the background, thanks to the huge color spectrum camouflage.

What is important in the winter time, camouflage has whitish spots – camouflages as a snow background, and the background meadow field.

Another bonus is that the colour is "sunset effect": when at sunset everything takes on a reddish hue, this camouflage also becomes "reddish" and not remain a black spot as other Camos.

Fabric: Rip-stop, reinforced filament

The heater: a synthetic winterizer 200 g/m

Lining: PE