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FM45 drilling milling machine Bernardo Austria

Offer type: salePublished: 22.06.2018
Price:88 380 UAH
Company:PST Ukraina
Seller:Litvinov Sergej Vladimirovich
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Address:Ukraine, Dnipropetrovska Oblast', Dnipropetrovsk


Swivel milling head for sloped and horizontal work, the angle of inclination 180°;

Enhanced precise cross table with adjustable guides-type "dovetail tail";

Milling machine can process various plane, groove, gear wheels, rastakat holes in details from steel, cast iron, nonferrous metals and plastic;

adjusting the drill depth;

possibility of installation of the quill through the three arms of the wheel;

accurate feeding of the spindle;

wide speed range 50 - 2520 rpm (12 St)


Package contents:

Drill Chuck 1-16 mm/ drill chuck 16mm;

Transition sleeve MK 3/2, MK 4/3;


Clamping thrust M12/ M12 draw bar

Set maintenance tools (ZIP)

Stand not is included as standard.



Max. drilling diameter, mm

In steel 32

In cast iron 40

Distance spindle to column, mm


Momentum spindle, rpm

(12) 50 - 2520

Cone spindle


The course spindle, mm


Size table, mm

820 x 240

Travel of table, mm (x / y)


Turn milling the head

From -90 ° to + 90 °

Distance spindle to table, mm

40 - 440

Size T-shaped slot, mm


Power engine S1 100% kW

0,85 / 1,1 (400 V)

Power engine S6 40%, kW

1,1 / 1,5 (400 V)

Dimensions mm

1170 x 850 x 1450





Additional equipment (not included in standard):

Set the clamps M12 58шт

Boring head dia. 75 mm with taper MK 4

Rotary table 200mm

Universal the dividing head BS-0

Set of cutters 20pcs (cemented carbides)

Pump for coolant


The document feed AL500D

75 ° end mill dia. 80 mm - B27 mm

Set of cutters 10pcs (cemented carbides)

Swivel vise 100mm, 125mm

Precision 2 axis vise 125 mm