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Boilers hot water.

Offer type: salePublished: 22.06.2018
Seller:Aleksej Miroslavovich
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Prepare sleighs in summer, in winter the cart.

Gas is expensive, electricity is expensive, everything is expensive. Think about the future ! Think about economical the heating of the solid and renewable fuels.

Produce boilers, auxiliary equipment, hand and power feed, automatic, different square heating from 50 to 30 000 sq meters of different capacities from 10 to 3000 kW. Different types of solid and renewable fuels. Peat, coal, wood, pellets, chips, TIRS , waste paper, etc. Various models of boilers of different price categories: from 19300 UAH. and support equipment, feeder, hopper, burner, etc.

To buy pot in any city Ukraine.

Supply and in the near abroad.
Summer promotion "Prepare sleighs in summer" free shipping on all boiler models 3M, 5M,4M, Uni, etc, any capacity the entire territory of Ukraine.

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