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Boilers 5M , 5M plus. Cheap, small, efficient, economical, ecological boilers

Offer type: salePublished: 22.06.2018
Price:19 300 UAH
Seller:Aleksej Miroslavovich
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Solid fuel boilers model 5M 5M plus household boilers work on the principle of top combustion. Wall and grate cooled by water and is made from boiler quality sheet steel with a thickness of 5 mm.

Price from UAH 19300. Boilers 10, 15, 25, 32 kW. Heating from 50 to 320 square meters.

Boilers are intended for work in the Central the aquatic heating with the forced ( closed system of heating under pressure) or natural ( open system heating) circulation of coolant for heat and residential hot water homes, cottages, manufacturing and warehouse space, shopping facilities, buildings social and administrative purposes.

The design of the boiler allows to burn different types of fuel ( coal, wood, briquettes, waste wood, waste paper). The boiler is equipped mechanical loosening of the fuel.

Manufactured with mechanical throttle and electronic control.

The service is only in the timely completion of the camera combustion fuel.

Summer the action "Prepare sleighs in summer" , free delivery of the boiler.

Action 01.06.2018 g 31.07.2018 G.

Purchase the boiler can be in any city of Ukraine.