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Sealing cord ( ceramic) for boilers, stoves, fireplaces

Offer type: salePublished: 22.06.2018
Company:ChP Yuniversal Pak Servis
Seller:Tat'yana Tat'yana
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Sealing cord (ceramic) for boilers, stoves, fireplaces.
The sealing cord is made from ceramic fiber, reinforced with wire. The cord is used as a sealant in solid fuel boilers, furnaces, and fireplaces to prevent the entry of products of combustion from the combustion chamber of the boiler in the room.

- excellent adhesion (adhesion) to iron, cement and refractory brick;
- shape retention at high temperature resistance to +1250 C;
- fulfills condition for sealing;
- good elasticity and flexibility;
- durability.

-sealing of doors and chambers of the boilers, dryers at high temperatures;
-sealing of ducts ( to prevent smoke from the combustion chambers into the room).

Operating conditions:

- Temperature: from-60C to +1250S;
- Pressure, MPa: 3;
- Sliding velocity, m/s : 2;
- Chemical stability pH: 5-9.

Ceramic sealing cord (diameter) : from 6 mm to 40 mm.