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Paronite PA ( reinforced)

Offer type: salePublished: 20.06.2018
Company:Yuniversal Pak Servis
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Address:Ukraine, Dnipropetrovska Oblast', Dnipropetrovsk
The optional PA is a sheet of asbestos material, reinforced with a metal mesh that adds strength and ability to withstand higher pressure of the sealing medium.

PA paronite is manufactured in accordance with Technical Conditions GOST 481-80 and is intended for the manufacture of flat sealing gasket. For reinforcement steel mesh is used. The minimum temperature of paronite, in which he maintains operation – minus 60°C.

The scope and conditions of reinforced paronite:
Working medium: Steam (superheated and saturated), fresh water (superheated).
Maximum pressure, MPa : 10,0
Maximum temperature, °C: +450

Working environment: Dry inert gases, air.
Maximum pressure, MPa : 7,5
Maximum temperature, °C: +250

Working environment: Light and heavy oil products, oil fractions.
Maximum pressure, MPa : 7,5
Maximum temperature, °C: +400

View of the resealable connection "Thorn-groove", "hollow-ledge" may seal "smooth" connections at a pressure condition of the working environment is not more than 4.0 MPa.
Types of equipment:Piping, valves and control valves, pumps,
compressors, internal combustion engines and other units

Sheets with a thickness 1,0; 1,5; 2,0; 3,0; 4,0; 5,0 mm
Cutting of sheet 1500x1500 mm.

The product is certified.