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Handbags wholesale in online store WeLassie

Offer type: salePublished: 19.06.2018
Seller:Petrov Dmitrij
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Address:Ukraine, Odessa oblast', Odesa

For those who are engaged in retail trade, it is very important to find a reliable supplier of wholesale quantities of goods. This will ensure stable update, will form attractive to buyers price and guarantee the quality. Ukrainian manufacturer of women's handbags WeLassie is just such a company. We value our impeccable reputation and so we offer customers only quality products of own production. Specializiruetsya in the wholesale supply of women's handbags, clutches and backpacks. Work directly, without intermediaries. Through this offering the purchasers of the product, we are confident in its quality. Before sending a check each unit, therefore, rule the marriage.
We have a large range of models. You can buy women's bags wholesale made of genuine leather. In addition, the minimum party purchases consist of 5 units and it is very convenient for those who are only acquainted with the product. Thanks to this policy, we are able to attract more customers. Offering their goods directly from manufacturer, we make a very minimal margin, and you do not pay for the services of intermediaries. This gives you the ability in retail to generate a low price.
You can contact us online or by calling. All contact details easy to find on the website of the company. There are also conditions of payment and delivery. We try to give full information about each operation, to avoid any issues with buyers. The range includes a variety of patterns for women, girls and adolescents. We can find the classic and business versions. A large number of elegant clutches. There is a modern urban backpacks. They are very popular among young people, with its spectacular appearance and convenience. There is enough space for lots of things. The ability to carry a backpack, leaving hands free, makes them as comfortable as possible. Although there are models of bags-transformers, which can be worn as handbag and as a backpack.