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Turning the unit Gerardi (B2-40*25*44)

Offer type: salePublished: 31.07.2018
Price:65 EUR
Seller:Plohov Il'ya
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Address:Kirovohrads'ka Oblast', Kirovohrad, Ukraine
Company "Gerardi S. p.A." – leader in manufacturing precision machine vise in Europe. The production program of the company "Gerardi S. p.A." includes the following products:
series vise "STANDARD" – machine vise with horizontal or vertical location. The use of interchangeable jaws with different profile and the ability install the clamping hydraulic power, greatly expands the field of application of the clutches of a series of "STANDARD".
series grip "XL" – machine vise with the increased consumption of sponges. A distinctive feature of this series is the ability to set additional double-sided stationary jaw that clamps two workpieces on the same vise.
modular components vise – possibility of changeover of the clutches under various overall dimensions of the workpieces.
reconfigurable modular clamping system. Includes base unit with the transfer element clamping force and install fasteners. Range set of the jaws and stops, the ability the location of the system horizontally and vertically, making multiple base units and the application of electro-hydraulic stations enable modular clamping systems of the company "Gerardi S. p.A."in all industries.
a series of "MULTIFLEX" is a base unit, which may install various mobile and fixed fasteners. In this case the transfer of the clamping force is implemented by the movement of the movable fastening element on the inclined rails fixed. Modular system "Multiflex", it is possible to install horizontally and vertically. Also the standard program is four-position base units.
the system of "MULTI-MODULAR". Combines elements of the above two systems.
self-centering vise with manual or hydraulic or pneumatic clamp.
precision machine vise series "OK" – light, compact machine the grip, made of stainless steel. A great choice for small milling and EDM machines.
special self-centering Vice for clamping round workpieces with hydraulic clamping device.
universal flexible fixtures. A wide range of plates, angles, clamps, mounting fingers, stops for basing and fastening various workpieces on milling machines.
replacement sponge pads and sponge with different profiles, replaceable clamping mechanical and hydraulic elements, pneumatic and hydraulic station electro-hydraulic station.