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Swing machine for bandsaw blades for wood Lenker DWS-2

Offer type: salePublished: 19.06.2018
Price:6 500 UAH
Seller:Lilya Dudarchuk
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Swing machine for band saws (adjustable machine for lentochnykh dust) Lenker DWS-2.

A well-known manufacturer Lenker offers to purchase the swing machine (swing machine) Lenker DWS-2. Swing machine (swing machine) is designed for routing bandsaw blades width from 20 to 60 mm.

Stanards adjustable saws for wood (adjustable machine for lentochnykh woodworking) DWS-2 simple and easy to use, while providing the most accurate divorce tooth blade for wood (blade on wood).

The wiring should be done according to the principle: the softer and voloknistye wood, the greater the angle of divorce have teeth, it will reduce the friction of the saw blade about the fiber. The frozen soft wood sawn, with minor wiring of the saw.

To control the size of the wiring on razvodnom Lenker machine DWS-2 indicator is set. With proper separation of the teeth of the saw blade the saw passes through the kerf without overheating, which increases its service life.

Using Zatochnik and movable machines for band saws Lenker wood you quickly and conveniently prepare the dust for further use.