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The lathe, turret CNC 1В340Ф30

Offer type: salePublished: 16.06.2018
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Address:Ukraine, Poltavs'ka Oblast'
1В340Ф30 - lathe, turret type CNC, used, working.
Intended for performance of various turning works in the limits of installed capacity, mainly in the processing of complex parts with stepped and curved profile. The machine is manufactured in two versions: for the treatment of bar material with diameter up to 40 mm and for the processing of single-piece workpieces with a diameter up to 200 mm.
The largest diameter of the workpiece installed, mm
over bed 400
The largest diameter of the workpiece, mm 200
CNC system NC-31; NC-200
Distance from spindle nose to turret, mm 226-530
The greatest transverse displacement of the turret head, mm 110
The spindle rotation frequency, Rev/min 10-2500
The limits of the turret feeds caliper, mm/min:
longitudinal 1-2500
cross 1-1250
For machine rotary cartridge:
The height of the clamped parts, 15-75 mm
The distance from the axis of rotation to end of the part, mm 100
The angle of rotation of the workpiece in a single stroke, grad 60.9
Electric motor power, kW 15
Overall dimensions, mm:
length 3850
width 1880
height 1710
Weight, kg 3 650