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Sell lathes 1Е61ПМ, 1А616П, 11Т16А, 16K20, 1Г325

Offer type: salePublished: 16.06.2018
Seller:Gorbachuk Sergej
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The company sells the following machines:

Screw-cutting lathe IZH-250ИТП, 1986

Screw-cutting lathe 1Е61ПМ, 1979-81

Screw-cutting lathe UT-16, 1985

Screw-cutting lathe 1А616П, 1979

Screw-cutting lathe 16Б05П, 1986

Screw-cutting lathe 1K62, 1983

Screw-cutting lathe 16K20, 1984

Lathe-turret lathe 1Г325, 1979

Lathe machine 1М06А, 1978

Lathe machine, Czech А32С, 1983

Lathe machine 1М10А, 1984

Lathe machine ATA-25, 1974

Lathe machine 11Т16А, 1983

Lathe machine 1А12В 1979

Lathe machine 1В06А 1985

Lathe machine 1Б10В 1982

Technical condition of equipment photos, price on request.


Also there is a group drill, grinding, milling, gear-hobbing machines. In the presence of the press crank, a hydraulic force from 25-1000 tons, guillotine shears!


The purpose of the sale ― the reduction of production.

Cash or Bank transfer, possible combined payment.

Do the dismantling and loading of the machine – for free!

Submitted all the documents.

Possible sale/delivery throughout the territory of Ukraine and also in CIS countries and abroad.


Organize shipping, payment in the same direction.

Shipping options:

- partial load near your equipment will go another load, cheaper option.

- solid cargo goes once your cargo is more.


Full the list of machines will send Your request to the email address.


Will be glad to cooperate!!!