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The starter PME-011-93В

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Address:Ukraine, Kharkivs'ka Oblast', Kharkiv
Electromagnetic actuator PME 011

Electromagnetic actuators PME used to reverse and stop three-phase asynchronous motors with squirrel cage rotor AC voltage 660V frequency 50 and 60Hz.
Actuators suitable for use in control systems with application of microprocessor techniques for bypass surgery including coil suppression device or with thyristor control. In the presence of a three-pole thermal overload relays of the series of RTT and RTL starters provide protection controllable motors from overloads of inadmissible duration and against currents that occur when one phase is open.
Designed for remote start the direct network connection and disable three-phase asynchronous motors with squirrel-cage rotor.
Additional functions: reversal, in the presence of thermal relays protect motors from overloads of inadmissible duration, including arising from the loss of one of the phases, changing the connection of windings Y/A.

Starters are available in following versions:
  • open without thermal relay;
  • open thermal relay;
  • closed without thermal switch;
  • closed with the thermal relay.

Current of the thermal relay of the starter corresponds to the nominal current of the starter.

Symbol structure

PME – series magnetic contactors;
– value of the contactor depending on the nominal current:
0 – 4.0 A
1 – 10A
2 – 25A
– the protection level and combination of contacts of the auxiliary circuits:
1 – IP00 1 "3"
2 – IP30 1 "3"
3 – IP54 1 "3"
– the purpose, presence of security devices and built-in controls:
1 – irreversible, without relay
2 – non-reversing with relay
3 – reversible, without relay
4 – reversing with relay