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4732Ф3М wire EDM machine, CNC WL4T

Offer type: salePublished: 13.06.2018
Company:Chastnoe litso
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Address:Ukraine, Kyiv
Wire EDM machine CNC 4732Ф3М designed for contour machining of complex profile with a rectilinear vertical generatrix of any conductive materials (the details of the blanking and bending dies, dies, dies for extrusion, templates, parts, radio equipment, etc.). The base is wire EDM CNC machine and other body parts are made of high quality cast iron modified with the aging process. Electrode-tool EDM wire cut CNC machine model 4732Ф3М is continuously peremestivsheesya wire made of brass. The workpiece is fixed on a stationary l-shaped Desk, and the mechanism of the wire path is fixed on the bracket, having the ability to move in two mutually perpendicular directions. Processing details for wire EDM machine is submerged in a bath of working fluid. Main technical data: Largest size of workpiece, mm: 250x210x100. The largest dimensions of the machined contour on the axes "X", "Y", "Z", mm: 200x125x100. Maximum weight of billet, kg: 45. Electrode wire used: DCCM 0,1-0,3 L63 GOST 1066-80. The diameter of electrode wire, mm: 0,1-0,3. Working fluid:
Dielectric - water tap. The volume of the working fluid in the system, l: 240. Discreteness of travel assignment: linear, mkm: 1. Limits of working feeds of the brace, mm/min: - maximum: 30; least: 0,01. The highest installation rate of displacement of the clamp (high speed) mm/min: 180. The range of variation in winding speed of the wire/s: 8...20. The tension of the wire (calculated), N: - maximum: 10; smallest: 0,05. The highest processing performance, mm2/min: 50-70. Precision fabrication-contour, m: 14...20. The roughness of the processed surface Ra finish modes, µm: 1,25. The dimension of machine without extra equipment LxWxH, mm: 850x1285x1600. The envelope of the machine with attached equipment LxWxH, mm: 1480x1285x1600
Weight of the machine without attached equipment, kg: 1460. The mass of the machine with attached equipment, kg: 1600. Working connected. Location: Kiev. More information at: