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Manual rotary machine for cleaning carpets and polishing floor Cleanvac 43

Offer type: salePublished: 05.02.2020
Price:12 520 UAH
Company:'Cleanvac Ukraina'
Seller:Aleksandr Pavlovich
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Address:Kyiv, Ukraine
Rotary machine SC 43 industrial is professional designed for cleaning floors and cleaning carpets in the specialized shops of dry cleaning services. After applying chemicals on the carpet, and rotary machine using rotating brushes deep rubs chemical agent in pile and friction cleans the dirt and stains. Rotary machine SC are highly reliable and excellent balance.

Package contents: Rotary machine Assembly with three brushes of different hardness.

Full power 1.1 kW
Voltage 220V
The norm of the fuse 10 'A
The rotating brush 170 rpm
Size 45x60x120 cm
Weight 40 cm
Working width 43 cm
Brush 43 cm
Tank capacity 12 l
Diameter mm. щетки420 Габариты450-600-1200 mm. Вес40 kg.

Multifunctional single and double disc floor cleaning machines Cleanvac TM SC series used for cleaning and polishing of floors (marble, PVC, mosaic, etc.), as well as for cleaning and laundering of carpets.

  • Our model of SC 43 with engine 2 HP and a big brush with a diameter of 42 cm is well suited to hotels,office centers,and especially the companies that deal with carpet cleaning. Reliable, quiet and easy to operate.
  • Adjustable height allows for easy and comfortable use by operators of any height.
  • Robust frame and rugged design can easily withstand shocks and bumps, like at work, and transportation to the place of use.
  • Arm the operator has to turn on, press the brush/drive disc for pads as for right and left hand — the increased convenience.
  • The recliner lever steel rod is located directly below the working arm of the operator — no need to bend over to get the car ready to work.
  • Cable length 5 m eases manoeuvring during operation.
  • The body of the machine around the perimeter of reinforced thick rubber "bumper" that protects it from damage when encountering an obstacle.
  • Tank for detergent, which is mounted on a steel bar, will allow you to apply the cleanser directly on the brush, which facilitates the work and reduces the consumption of detergent.
  • Installation/removal of the washing brush/drive disc for pads is done without tools in a matter of seconds — which saves working time.
  • Long life and low maintenance costs machines Cleanvac model number SC determines their attractiveness for the client.