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Steel panel radiator from the company "lemaks"

Offer type: salePublished: 12.06.2018
Company:OOO "Lemaks"
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Address:Russian Federation, Rostov oblast', Taganrog

The heating system is an integral part of any apartment, an office space. The main parts is now often used high-quality steel panel radiators, which gradually replaced the traditional cast iron heaters.

The demand for panel radiators modern type, made of robust steel production material, due to aesthetic visual characteristics. The first appeared on the market sales instances are not aroused a certain admiration among consumers. Subsequently, the production technology improved. At the same time increased the level of trust from consumers. Currently, there are a tremendous number of modern online stores, ready to offer high quality steel panel radiators. One of them is the online store manufacturer lemax, offering products at a reasonable price.

Manufacturing process of steel panel radiators occurs in several stages, each of which is optional:

  • Originally administered stamping of products made of steel sheets;
  • Next is the production of heaters with the so-called P-obrazow form. This form is not accidental, is required with the aim of improving the criterion of heat transfer;
  • Then two stamped element firmly connected to each other;
  • In the next stage of heaters are fastened securely to each other;
  • Professionals carry out installation of rebar, which is required for secure mounting of steel panel radiators to the wall surface;
  • Steel panel design can cover with paint or leave unchanged;
  • The colorful cover is not mandatory, but desirable, because the layer of paint capable of providing a steel surface with sufficient protection against external influences, corrosion and other adverse factors;
  • Steel radiators shall be coated with a protective layer of special paint that prevents corrosion phenomena.