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broaching mats of basalt

Offer type: salePublished: 08.06.2018
Company:TSK SnabStrojInvest
Seller:Ol'ga Vladimirovna
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Address:Russian Federation
Offers delivery of stitched mats heat-insulating from basalt fiber - BCH-30 without lining - BCH-30/F1 foil with 1 side - BCH-30/CC1 PT/mesh with 1 side - BCH-50/ST2 St/fabric - BCH-50/BT2 databases/TK TBK-100 BCH-30 - issued without plates and cover with foil on one side; BCH-50 - produced in the lining fabrics from all sides. The mats are produced from basalt super fiber BSTF-St, the canvases are stitched by stitches in longitudinal direction, as the piercing of the material can be used twisted yarn, silica yarn or basalt roving. Applications: in the construction of heat insulation of equipment and piping in all industries, including nuclear power stations and for heat and sound insulation of building structures, household equipment and appliances.