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Sell check valves ОК4А, ОК6А, ОК16А, ОК18А, ОК10Б, ОК12А, ОК14А,

Offer type: salePublished: 06.06.2018
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Address:Russian Federation, Moscow

Sell check valves ОК4А; ОК6А; ОК8А; ОК16А; ОК18А; ОК10А; ОК10Б; ОК12А; ОК13А; ОК14А; ОК20А;
Intended for the admission of the working fluid in a given direction
(the arrow on the casing) and lock the hydraulic system during reverse flow of fluid.
check valve ОК4А
check valve ОК6А
check valve ОК8А
check valve ОК10А
check valve ОК10Б
check valve ОК13А
check valve ОК12А
check valve ОК14А
check valve ОК16А
check valve ОК18А
check valve ОК20А
sell valves OK-4A; DC-6A; DC-8A; DC-18A; DC-20A; DC-10A; DC-10; DC-12A; DC-13A; OK-14A; DC-16A;
Sell valves are OK.4A; APPROX.6A; APPROX.8A; OK.16A; OK.18A; APPROX.10A; OK.10B; APPROX.12A; APPROX.13A; OK.14A; APPROX.20A;