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Chill Cabinet Desmon b/a

Offer type: salePublished: 06.06.2018
Price:19 500
Seller:Roman Ivanovich
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Desmon refrigeration Cabinet, in very good condition. The refrigerator works stably at ambient temperature until +43°C. This is possible due to thermal insulation (polyurethane 50 mm thick), stainless steel shell, and inner lining of food grade aluminum.The chiller maintains the temperature from +8°C and refers to a medium temperature. The volume of the refrigerating chamber is designed for 600l. Does not require special care, as the defrost is automatic and the internal components can be removed. Door deaf, sealed removable magnetic strips. Outweighed on both sides. There's a castle. The compressor is powerful, has an electronic control unit. Chill Cabinet Desmon BM6A (IM7A) is intended for storage of perishable products and cool drinks. Used at the enterprises of public catering and grocery stores. Power consumption is 0.375 kW. Weight 105кг. Size LxWxH - 700*715*2080мм.
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