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SELO production Line for animal feed

Offer type: salePublished: 05.06.2018
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Seller:Litvinets Vladimir Alekseevich
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Address:Ukraine, Kyiv
Company SELO is a leader in the field of equipment for production of animal feed since the early 80-ies. The range of the supplied equipment are included as a separate technology nodes and complex turnkey projects.Manufacturers of animal feed are constantly looking for new ways to improve their product. They are bounded on one side by the need to reduce costs, with the other high demands on the quality of the product. In addition to their desire to meet high quality standards, there is another goal – to increase market share. Our market knowledge and experience in the recycling industry to help customers realize these ambitions."Sеlo" introduced the first steam tunnel for the production of wet food for animals 25 years ago.Since then, for many years this system was improved and now can be considered one of the most modern in the field of thermal processing of moist animal feeds.

Today "Selo" designs, builds, and installs complete systems for the production of gelatinous animal feed.These systems can be divided into different stages of the production process, namely:

a)Storage and handling of raw materials
b)Preparatory work

Dutch experts will design the most flexible complex, which fully corresponds all Your requirements