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676 milling Machine multi-purpose, Irkutsk z-d

Offer type: salePublished: 02.06.2018
Company:Chastnoe litso
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Address:Ukraine, Kyiv

Machines model 676 is designed for horizontal milling products cylindrical, disk, shaped, and other mills, and vertical milling with face, end, keyway and other milling cutters at different angles. The cone horizontal and vertical spindle Morse No. 4. The maximum distance from the face of the horizontal spindle to the exposed face of the suspension, mm 298. Distance from end of base to vertical spindle axis (smallest – largest), mm 125 – 375. The distance from the face of the horizontal spindle axis to angular horizontal table (smallest – largest), 80 mm – 460. Distance from vertical spindle face to angular horizontal table (smallest – largest), mm 0 – 380. Number of speeds of spindle (horizontal, vertical) 16, 16. The limits of the number of revolutions of the spindles per minute: horizontal 50/1630; vertical 63/2040. The greatest axial displacement of the tailstock spindle 70. Number of table feed (longitudinal, vertical) of 16.16. The limits of table feed (longitudinal, vertical), mm/min: 13/395, 13/395. Rapid traverse of table (longitudinal and vertical), m/min. 0,935. The amount of feed of the spindle 16. Limits of feeds of spindle head, mm/min 13/395. Rapid traverse of the spindle, m/min. 0,935. Working table surface, mm: Basic 630х250; Angular horizontal 800х250; Angled universal 630х200. Round (diameter of the surface height), 250, 110. Most the main table, mm: Longitudinal 400; Vertical 380. T-slots: 3; Width, mm: 14; the Distance between them is 50. Diameter of spindles, mm 16,8. The greatest course of spindle 250 mm. Maximum axial shift of the vertical spindle 60. Machine overall dimensions, mm (length x width x height) 1285х1215х1780. Weight (without electric equipment), kg 910. Working condition. Connected. Photos on request. Location: Kiev. More information at: