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Circular saw blades Kanefusa (Japan) basic improved 300х30 96z for panel sizing machines

Offer type: salePublished: 02.06.2018
Price:65 EUR
Company:OOO "Kami-7"
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Address:Ukraine, Zaporiz'ka Oblast', Zaporizhia
Customers all over the world consider important the following features of circular saw blades: · reduction of noise or dust during work, to create a favorable environment for business;
· increased operating time of the saw until the next sharpening, it's increases the duration of uninterrupted operation of the equipment, as well as reduces the cost of sharpening;
· constant performance quality, stable production process;
· best quality of cut for getting quality furniture.


 On sale, the UPDATED version of the saws, panel sizing machines.
LS-691 P-I619 Saw the main KANEFUSA 300х3.2x2.2х30хz96 D Board-Pro packaging silver color.

  The main difference from the previous version (green packaging), in a more strengthened solid alloy. The previous version of the circular saw, had the resource to the first sharpening, cutting 70-80 sheets of chipboard. In comparison with other brands outnumbered 3-4 times. A new variant of alloy Board-Pro increases life up to 150 sheets cutting before first sharpening.
They also developed new compensators, through which the circular saw works more stable and quiet.



All circular saw blades of the Corporation КANEFUSA designed and manufactured in accordance with the highest technical standards. After heat treatment using a unique technology, the body saw becomes very flat, and the steel acquires the necessary hardness, ductility and viscosity.

КANEFUSA applies its own design changes and grinding the surface of the body of the saw, these processes eliminate crooked and the thickness variation. Well done to the saw blade, with high rigidity, necessary to ensure that the saw worked for a long time and provide ideal the quality of the cut.

Saw КANEFUSA series Board Pro have laser slots MS-P special form, which additionally injected polymer this effectively dampens mechanical vibrations of the body of the saw arising in the process, therefore saw low noise.

Ultra fine-grained hard alloy Board Pro, which is exclusive to КANEFUSA was developed in collaboration with a leading manufacturer of hard alloy in the Japan. This hard alloy is designed to work on wood slab materials.

Circular saw blade Board Pro superior the wear resistance of a saw with tipped out of the ordinary hard alloy. Process sharpening KANEFUSA Corporation, laid out carefully. Each tooth on the body of the saw blade sharpened to perfection. Private cooling technologies and modes of sharpening allows to create the tooth surface is like a mirror, which ensures an excellent purity cutting.

All saws Kanefusa developed by the company in accordance with the highest technical standards. Kanefusa is constantly updating the body design of the saw, its components, production technology, the quality control standards. And all for the sake of one the only goal of the highest praise from consumers.