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Panel pneumatic PP12.2 0,2-10kg; pnevmopribor ПВ10.2JE; Converter GPS type NS-P2, model 9175; directional valve P-PE 3\2,5-5126ухл4 220V

Offer type: salePublished: 04.09.2017
Seller:Ivanov Anatolij
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Pnevmopribor ПВ10.2JE 86g. Input 0,2-1 kg of food of air 1.4 kg ~220V, 1pcs.
Control panel pneumatic PP12.2 0,2-10kg, pack. zip 17 pieces.
Pneumatic device showing ППВ1.2 0,2-1 kg class. t 0. 5mm 2pcs.
The device regulating pneumatic WP3.31М1 1pc.
Pneumatic pressure transmitter GSP type NS-P2, model 9175, measuring range 0-630 kg/m2 3pc.
Directional valve P-PE 3\2,5-5126 UHL4 ~220V 19 PCs.
The secondary pneumatic device showing ППВ1.1 CL. t. 1 1 PC.
Thermometers recording ТГ2С-711М (0+150C) CL. 1,0 L=10m 1pc.
Block RZD-12 24V 5pcs.
Block RZD-22 24V 4pcs.
The manual control unit BRU-22 5pcs.
The manual control unit BRU-32 0-5mA 0-10V packing 1pcs.
The manual control unit BRU-42 0-5mA 24V packing 1pcs.
The gun mounting piston MI-52-1 b/y in working condition 1 piece. negotiable, not expensive.

Control panel pneumatic PP12.2, DPU.1 is designed for remote manual control of actuating mechanism, a smooth transition from manual control to automatic control and back control value of control signal in the pneumatic line actuator, disconnect the regulator from the line of the actuator in manual operation, control the output pressure of the regulator (to turn off the relay) with manual control and automatic regulation.

The control panel is complete with instruments series 711Р, 712Р and others with built-in pneumatic controllers and knobs.


The range of input and output analog signal: 20-100 kPa.

Compressed air pressure discrete signals:

when values "0" - from 0 to 10 kPa;

when value "1" is between 110 and 140 kPa.

Air pressure power supply panels: 140 kPa.

To power the panels, it is recommended to use a filter-regulator air pressure FSDW.

Maximum permissible error of the control panels (gauges): ±2.5% of upper limit of measurement.

Air flow output of the control panel (power Adjuster): not less than 20 l/min.

Air consumption power panels at the steady state operation mode setting devices: not more than 4.0 l/min.

Connection type external pneumatic lines: nipple connection 00-01-1; 00-02-2; 00-03-3; 00-04-4 according to GOST 25165-82.

Climate performance:

NF4.2, but for operation at temperatures from minus 10 to plus 60 ° C and a relative humidity of 80%.

O4.2, but for operation at temperatures from minus 10 to plus 60 ° C and a relative humidity of 98%.

Weight: 1.6 kg.

Overall dimensions: 174x50x157 mm.