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Mini tractor Shifeng DsF244C (Chifeng DsF244C) 3-cylinder

Offer type: продамPublished: 27.06.2019
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Address:Hlevakha, Kyiv Oblast', Ukraine
Delivery throughout Ukraine with documents for registration! Work without payment. Shifeng DsF244C – four-wheel drive mini-tractor with mounted three-cylinder diesel engine liquid cooling YD385T capacity of 24 HP and a manual transmission. Front axle gantry type, with side gears, which provides better traction of the tractor, increasing the clearance and reducing the size of the crankcase the main transfer. The standard equipment of the mini-tractor Shifeng DsF244C, in contrast to the modification Suite (Chifeng DsF244CL), characterizes the standard tire size and no compressor. However, Shifeng DsF244C is a versatile, compact design, small turning, easy operation and lower price. Injection pump is included in a forced lubrication system of the engine, there is a shared bath oil for transmission and hydraulic system. Turns wheels camber inward or outward to change the track of the front axle. Collapsible rear wheels on the hub allow you to adjust the track width of the rear axle. Power, HP (kW) 24 (17,6) Wheel formula 4x4 Diesel engine, YD385T Number of cylinders 3 Working volume, l 1,532 Specific fuel consumption, g/kWh 252 Cooling liquid Heating system power supply no Transmission (4+1)x2 Transmission gear Steering power Clutch single-plate Differential rear locking Brake rear drum The Parking brake is Dimensions D/W/h, mm 3200/1670/2055 Wheelbase, mm 1600 Width front/rear axle, mm 1240-13000/1150-1360 Ground clearance, mm 295 Weight, kg 1270 Speed km/h 2,156-26.36 Tire size 6-16,00/9.5-24 Fuel tank capacity, l 16 The PTO shaft, rpm rear 540 Traction force on hook, kN 5,9 The capacity of the sample, kg 470 Gidrovit is Cargo, kg front - 48; rear - 2х40. On the website: