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Wrench with spring return stem

Offer type: salePublished: 03.09.2018
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Address:Kharkivs'ka Oblast', Kharkiv, Ukraine

Hydraulic impact wrenches are used for tightening the various threaded connections with direct control efforts at puff. Buy wrench this model right now!


Impact wrenches are used for fast tightening and disassembly threaded types connections control efforts conventional tightening. Torque reaches 3000 N*m. the working fluid Pressure (max) - 70 MPa. Head the piston is rotated within 360°. The piston return is carried out via spring-loaded type. Time to return to normal position - 4 seconds. Total weight less than 7.8 kg Dimensions - 50 x 210 x 320.


Is the wrench of the arm, corps, jet shoulder hinge and square under the head. In case there is a hydraulic cylinder. Given in action wrenches special pumps with electric drive or manual pumps. Built-in pressure gauge is used for pressure control.


The advantages of hydraulic wrenches from "GlobalProm":

- rotates 360 degrees for convenience in management;

- transparent dial torque;

- can be used in confined spaces;

- work together with the powerful hydraulic pumps;

- compact and light weight;

- high wastegate pressure.



Impact wrenches are used in warehouses, garages, factories, for the construction of vessels and in the engineering industry.


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