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Sour whey: innovative processing technology.

Offer type: salePublished: 09.03.2019
Company:Membranines Technologijos LT
Seller:Leonid Tolmachev
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Address:Republic of Lithuania, Klaipėda

Sour milk serum: innovative processing technology.


Company ZAO We Technologies LT developed new technology and complex equipment for the processing of sour dairy (cottage cheese) whey, concentrated after setting nanofiltration to the quality of the SD-70, SD-90, GOST R 56833-2015 "Whey demineralized".


The traditional method of processing sour dairy serum provides a preliminary application of the alkaline reagent for adjusting the pH of the treated solution to 5.8-6.0 and subsequent desalting using classical electrodialysis with monopolar ion exchange membranes. The difference of the proposed innovative method is the use of in the developed integrated technology as a classic two channel electrodialysis apparatus with monopolar membranes and electro-membrane tractotomy and/or dual-flow apparatus with bipolar membranes. This technology allows:

- almost completely abandon the use of alkaline reagents in the process of demineralization of whey;

- significantly reduce the amount of inevitable deposits protein to membranes, since the process mostly occurs when low pH;

- to reduce the number of regenerations of the equipment and – respectively - spent for these purposes, reagents;

- to reduce by several times the volume of discharged waste water to the treatment plant (salt concentrate after demineralization);

- to organize the production of useful side component (calcium lactate) for the subsequent production of lactic acid food grade (as an option).