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Buy a rabbit Hutch in Ukraine.

Offer type: salePublished: 05.06.2017
Seller:Mihajlov Mihail
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Address:Kyiv, Ukraine
By purchasing our cages for rabbits, You will ensure the health of your pet and greatly facilitate their work in caring for rabbits.
Many owners of personal plots refuse from growing rabbits, arguing that rabbits often get sick and die, and all together. Indeed this phenomenon is very frequent in households. But pay attention to how are rabbits in these farms. It is usually of the so-called cage, she's a box where the rabbit is forced to live directly from the floor, not really to drink clean water and breathe the fumes that are released from manure which lies directly beneath his feet. I think in such circumstances, not that rabbit, but another and different living creature to live long.. From these conditions rabbits and appear all sorts of disease and parasites, which are thrown the immunity of the rabbit, and this in turn leads to lowered body resistance of rabbits to such dangerous diseases as myxomatosis, UGBC, coccidiosis. And if all that is on this farm are not carried out veterinary activities in the form of vaccination and treatments, nothing good should not wait.
We provide cages for rabbits, which will provide the rabbit not only comfort, significantly positive impact on the health of the animal, but will also facilitate the work of the breeder.
Detailed description of the work You can read on our site "My farm"
Deliver cellular equipment for rabbits in any region of Ukraine.