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Dietary Supplement Е401

Offer type: salePublished: 06.06.2019
Seller:Krasnyuk Andrej Petrovich
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Е401 - sodium alginate (sodium alginate) - effective the thickener, which in the presence of calcium ions can give elastic thermoneutrality gels in cold processes. All products based on alginate sodium is relatively well soluble in water, non-caking, upon contact with water to give a thick mass, which after some time becomes a gel type "jelly".

We have developedon a number a comprehensive stabilization, filling and emulsifying mixtures for the production of various meat products. These drugs also based on phosphates, as well as karraginana, guar gum, gum tare, gum carob, xanthan gum, CMC (karboksimetilcelljulozy), the emulsifiers, dietary fibers, and other components. They are widely used in the food industry, and as components of mixtures vzaimousilivat (in consequence of the effect of synergies), it is a good production and economic effect.