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Drip irrigation. Equipment of irrigation systems. drip tape.

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Under the drip irrigation systems mean a structure consisting of hoses for water transportation with built-in or separate droppers, through which the direct water supply to the plant. Drip tape joined to the hose at those places where you intend the bed. The system can be adjusted, thereby providing the optimum amount of water needed for irrigation. When using drip irrigation mandatory filter.

The advantages of drip irrigation:
Requires less time and presence at the time of irrigation, providing additional opportunity for rest;
economical consumption of water in connection with the possibility to adjust its supply, which is an important point for many garden communities;
more precise watering, as in this system water is supplied to the root area and not on the leaves and the area around the plant, thereby improving its growth and accelerates the ripening process;
the result is the exact ingress of water to the desired point and don't need watering region remain dry, including the paths between the beds;
the water stream passes by weeds, causing them to grow worse or dry up, so the need to weed the patch drastically reduced;
with this principle of water allocation does not require the plumbing system, as you can use a standard container, which is placed above ground level to create pressure in the hoses.