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Natural instant coffee with collagen WinCafe the Vital finalit

Offer type: salePublished: 19.02.2022
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Address:Kyiv, Ukraine
Coffee is considered one of the most popular beverages in the world. Coffee beans have a high content of natural antioxidants that prevent free radicals on the cells of the body. Coffee consumption reduces the likelihood of developing age-related diseases - Alzheimer's and Parkinson's, as well as reduce the risk of such diseases liver cirrhosis and diabetes mellitus. Coffee can play the role of an antidepressant. The benefits of coffee with collagen WinCafe Vital is that it is pure natural product without added sugar, colourings and flavourings. This coffee will help in the fight against aging skin and bone.
Coffee Win Vital Cafe has detoxifying and cosmetic effect. It is recommended for both women and men.
Coffee WinGate Vital (WinCafe Vital) is the only type of coffee, having a cosmetic effect, which is especially appreciated by women. The peculiarity lies in the fact that he joined together the choicest coffee beans and what is called cosmetic a multiplier, namely marine collagen. Coffee Vital is a special kind of coffee for the modern generation, allowing the skin cells more effectively retain moisture, which is especially important in dry and saturated with the dust of urban air or in air-conditioned and heated rooms. Coffee WinCafe Vital also called male coffee: this is a special type of coffee especially for the modern generation of men, allowing them to retain their masculine charm. The stimulatory effect is achieved without harmful effects and exhaustion!Features coffee with the Vital collagen (Winalite) or , as it is called coffee Health: it is made from ingredients of the highest quality collagen from fish glue deep-water Alaskan cod, contains 19 essential skin amino acids; the optimal ratio of price and quality: each sachet contains 2,000 mg of collagen (2/3 of the daily value).Coffee with collagen Vital Health - 30 days keeps Your beauty. It contains no sugar, hormones, flavors, pectin. Clean, fragrant and thick product: aroma of excellent coffee beans, the flavor and aroma of fructose, non-dairy creamer.
Collagen makes the skin elastic, its helical structure acts as a dam for the reservoir, maintaining a high percentage of water in the skin, giving it Shine and elasticity and making it more humid. Because of the harmful effects of the environment every day we need 3000 mg of collagen.
Coffee with collagen Vital (Winalite) is healthy coffee, which contains fructose, a natural sugar substitute. It is well known that from sweet deteriorate not only the teeth. The consumption of sugar, specifically sucrose in pure form contributes to the development of obesity, sclerosis and destroys the musculoskeletal system. Much more useful harmless double sugar, fructose, too sweet taste.
Scientists found that caffeine activates biochemical processes of the frontal lobe of the brain that is responsible for short term memory. According to recent studies, contained in coffee, caffeine has beneficial effects on the brain, improving memory, attention and performance. A constant consumption of coffee reduces the risk of developing senile dementia. It is also established that if a person will drink at least one Cup of coffee per day, the risk of getting cirrhosis of the liver is reduced by 20%.
Scientists from the University of Minnesota in the course of the study concluded that coffee reduces the risk of diabetes, even in people predisposed to this disease. Drinking coffee prevents cancer cells, thereby reducing the likelihood of cancer. Coffee is a mild laxative and diuretic. Well, and, of course, we all know coffee as a source of vitality, and many of us often use this when effect of certain circumstances is required to abstain from sleep. Coffee WinCafe Vital allowed to use for people suffering from diabetes.
Instant coffee WinGate Vital created based on the coffee beans Arabica Brazilian origin, with the addition of Indonesian coffee varieties Kopi Luwak. Composition: natural instant coffee, non-dairy vegetable cream, crystalline fructose, xylitol, raises. fiber.Completeness of Vital case of Winalite: 6 case pack., in each pack. 10 blisters (total 60 sheets) weight-net weight 23.5 g)Details on the website In Kiev held a free coffee tasting WinGate Vital (WinCafe Vital) finalit . You can sign up on tel 068-199-30-92