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Chipboard and fiberboard

Offer type: salePublished: 26.06.2015
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Particleboard (chipboard) is a material made by hot pressing the dried sawdust (shavings) and substances that hold the sawdust together. As such substances are synthetic resins (formaldehyde, phenol-formaldehyde). Through the addition of resins, chipboard acquires special strength and durability. Chipboard is devoid of such natural wood defects as knots and inner emptiness.

The main advantages of CPD:

  • low cost
  • strength
  • easy handling
  • homogeneous composition
  • sustainability
Hardboard (fibreboard) sheet material that is produced in the process of hot pressing mass of wood fibers, formed in the carpet. These fibers are obtained by steaming and grinding of raw wood. They are individual cells, their fragments or groups of cells of the wood. Raw materials are waste from sawing and woodworking, technological wood chips and firewood. To improve the performance properties add in the mass of reinforcing substances (for example, synthetic resin), repellents (paraffin, ceresin), antiseptics, etc.

The scope of DVP - from construction to household needs. Fiber boards are used for housing and industrial construction. Fiberboard can be used for heat insulation and sound insulation of the roof, for the walls and the whole of the premises, for the manufacture of furniture. Fiberboard is made of structural elements of furniture, a back wall and shelves cabinets and stands, the bottom shelf of sofas, drawers, headboards, bedrooms.

Also fiberboard sheets are indispensable for laying parquet and parquet boards. The fiberboard can be useful when laying linoleum and other floor coverings.